Garage Rehab: Organize Your Garage Space

OKC Paint It Garage Floor PaintIf you’re like most Oklahoma City homeowners, your garage has probably seen better days. Over time, a typical garage tends to become a cluttered eyesore that detracts from the aesthetic appeal and utility of a home. If you’d like to make your garage more functional and look like new, have Paint It evaluate your situation and let us help you find the right level of Garage Rehab. We will turn your dirty garage into a fresh organized work space, worthy of storing your prized possessions.

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Living Room Rehab: Paint The Change In Your Home

The living room is an area of the home where the family can gather to talk about the events of the day. It’s a place where you can relax after work and where you can celebrate the joyous occasions in life, such as a holiday or the arrival of a new baby. The living room is somewhat of a catch-all room for all the emotions and occasions in life. It should be a space that is warm an inviting. Aside from changing the decorations on the side tables or on the coffee table throughout the year, you can work on a living room rehab project that will change everything about the room from top to bottom.

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Four Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

Tips To Sell Your Home Fast

The days are growing longer as spring sets in, and open-house season is about to begin. If you put your property up for sale this season, you’ll want to make a spectacular first impression. There’s no need to spend a fortune on household upgrades. Follow these tips to sell your home quicker.

Hide the Clutter

You might love the stacks of magazines by the sofa or countless pictures nailed to the wall, but homebuyers may simply see these items as clutter. Take a critical look at each room. Remove as much clutter from the space as possible. Rent a storage unit for these items if necessary. Keep in mind that many personal photos decorating the house might be a turn off to buyers as well. Replace the family photos with basic art you can borrow from a friend or your real-estate agent. These subtle changes will help you sell your home.

Take Care of the Exterior

Although you are ready to move on, a fresh coat of paint or a power wash may be your best bet for making an excellent first impression with your prospective home buyer. The overall

Clean Living Room with Fresh Paint
A clean non-personalized living makes selling your home quicker.

outside view, from the curb, is often the first and only chance you have for a home buyer to fall in love with your house. A consultant from Paint It can help you determine if your trim can be power washed or if fresh paint is necessary to beautify your home. Our estimates are free and will help you stay on track with your budget to get your home ready to sell. You will want to finish any needed exterior paint work a couple days before an open house so that the surfaces can dry. Don’t forget to clean and wipe the exterior windows because more light into the interior will only translate into better bids for your nest egg.

Make the Rooms Larger

Use visual tricks in your interior rooms to make the home appear larger. In general, light colors painted across the ceiling and walls will widen the space as light bounces off the reflective surfaces. Colors like Passive, Pure White or Tradewinds make an excellent selection to appeal to the broadest group of home buyers. Accent other areas with deeper colors to neatly contrast the pale hues. Top suggestions for contrast colors from Sherwin Williams include Distance, a blue gray and Or In The Navy, a dark blue. You will find more color ideas at Sherwin Williams Most Popular Colors.

De-personalizing your home is one of the most important factors. Not everyone will love your sense of style. You want each room to convey very neutral themes and colors. Otherwise it becomes difficult for home buyers to visualize their own furnishings inside your home. You will also want to clean out closets. It’s important to make your storage space seem as large as

Clean room ready to sell a home
Bedroom interior freshly painted to sell a home.

possible. Remove up to half of the items which currently occupy the space. Make sure your closets are bright and clean. Interior paint color in your closet is important as well. Choose light paint colors like Sherwin William’s Repose Gray or Natural Tan which will complement your room walls.

Update the Hardware

An inexpensive and effective way to update any bathroom or kitchen is by swapping out the hardware. Cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and sink faucets can be swapped out for modern styles. Your kitchen may lack an elaborate remodel, but the hardware tricks the eye to believe that the space is updated. Wipe down all cabinets and surfaces after the installation to help give everything a nice shine.

Once you sell your old home it’s time to start dreaming of how to decorate your new home. Don’t forget the interior experts at Paint It can help enhance your new home with fresh coats of paint to match your furniture and any new décor you plan to add into your house.

Paint It is Oklahoma’s top interior and exterior painting company and a proud supporter of Sherwin Williams paint products. Our expert painters pride themselves on attention to detail and superior customer service. We provide free in-home estimates for all interior and exterior painting. We specialize in staining decks, fences and other paint related work as well. Call Paint It! at (405) 317-7788 today and one of our experts help you with your next move.