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Looking for a reliable partner for your premium commercial painting project in Oklahoma City? Look no further than Paint It OKC. With extensive experience in a wide range of commercial painting projects, we offer both interior and exterior painting services designed to enhance the appearance and ambiance of your space. Whether it's giving a professional finish to a commercial building or striping a commercial lot, you can rely on us to deliver a refreshed and revitalized look. Trust us to make your property look brand new.

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Our Most Common Commercial Painting Jobs

At Paint It OKC, we specialize in bringing a fresh, professional look to various commercial properties. Our team of skilled painters is equipped to handle a diverse range of commercial painting projects tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Apartment Buildings 

Paint IT OKC provides full-service painting solutions for apartment complexes, enhancing curb appeal and interior aesthetics to attract and retain tenants. We offer interior and exterior painting services for apartment buildings.

Commercial Buildings 

From retail spaces to large commercial complexes, Paint IT OKC ensures every project is handled with precision and superior craftsmanship, reflecting your business's professionalism.

Office Buildings 

At Paint It OKC, we create welcoming and inspiring work environments by using colors and finishes that boost productivity and complement your office’s interior design.

Specialized Services for Industry Professionals

Whether it's a meticulous large-scale renovation or a quick aesthetic refresh, Paint it OKC ensures that our services are aligned perfectly with your professional standards and timelines. 

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For General Contractors

We collaborate closely with general contractors, offering reliable and high-quality painting services designed to meet tight deadlines and specifications.

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For Property Managers 

Paint It OKC understands the importance of maintaining and refreshing properties efficiently. Our services help property managers keep spaces attractive and market-ready.

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For Home Service Providers 

We partner with home service providers to offer comprehensive painting services that complement other home improvement projects, ensuring a cohesive look throughout the property.

Why Choose Paint It OKC? 

Efficient and Timely Service

At Paint It OKC, we understand the importance of minimizing disruptions to your business operations. Our team ensures a swift and efficient painting process, arriving on time and completing your project with precision and speed. This means you can enjoy a beautifully refreshed commercial space without the typical inconveniences or delays.

Exceptional Quality and Finish

Our commitment to quality is unmatched. With highly skilled painters and the use of premium tools and materials, Paint It OKC guarantees a flawless finish every time. Your commercial spaces will shine with professionalism and aesthetic appeal, free from the common pitfalls of uneven coverage or inferior quality.

Cost-Effective Painting Solutions

We pride ourselves on providing economical painting services tailored to the scale and specifics of your project. Paint It OKC offers competitive pricing, ensuring you receive the full benefits of professional painting without exceeding your budget.

Capability for Complex Projects

No project is too big or too intricate for our team. Whether it’s high walls, detailed architectural features, or expansive commercial properties, Paint It OKC is equipped to handle challenging scenarios, ensuring top-tier results regardless of your project’s complexity.

Expert Color Consultation

Choosing the perfect color palette for your commercial space can be daunting. Our experienced painters offer expert color selection advice and guidance, helping to enhance your property’s visual appeal and ambiance effectively and effortlessly.

Comprehensive Preparation Services

Leave the prep work to us. Paint It OKC takes care of all the necessary preparation, including cleaning, sanding, and priming, to ensure the paint adheres well and looks great. This comprehensive approach allows you to focus on your business, not the prep work.

Our Commercial Painting Services

At Paint It OKC, we offer a comprehensive range of commercial painting services tailored to enhance and protect your property, going beyond basic painting to meet all your specific needs:

Striping for Safety and Aesthetics

Our professional striping services improve both the functionality and visual appeal of your commercial space. Whether it's striping for parking lots to enhance safety and manage traffic, or decorative striping to add visual interest, our team ensures precise and expert application.

Specialized Surface Preparation

The key to a successful paint job is in the preparation. Our team employs specialized techniques to thoroughly prepare surfaces for painting. We meticulously treat any imperfections to provide a flawless foundation for painting, ensuring durable and high-quality finishes.

Interior and Exterior Restoration

Revitalize both the interior and exterior of your commercial building with our restoration services. Whether it's bringing new life to historical exteriors or refreshing the interiors, our attention to detail and expertise ensure a transformative restoration.

Coating Solutions for Commercial Buildings

Protect your property with our advanced coating solutions tailored for commercial environments. We offer a variety of protective coatings for exteriors and durable finishes for high-traffic areas inside, safeguarding your investment against diverse conditions.

Consultation and Color Matching

Selecting the right colors is vital for any commercial space. We provide expert consultation to help you choose shades that best represent your brand and vision. Our precise color-matching services ensure a consistent and cohesive look across your property.

Maintenance Painting for Longevity

Our maintenance painting services help extend the life of your commercial property. Regular updates and touch-ups not only keep your space looking fresh but also protect it from the daily wear and tear of commercial activities. Rely on Paint It OKC for proactive maintenance that upholds your property’s aesthetic and structural integrity.

Quality Assurance Every Step of the Way

We are committed to quality assurance throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the completion of your project. With Paint It OKC, you can rest assured that your commercial painting project is in the hands of professionals dedicated to excellence.

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  • Paint It OKC is working on a major interior painting project for Cashion High School.
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Our Commercial Painting Process

At Paint It OKC, we recognize that you have many options for commercial painting services in Oklahoma City. That's why we strive to stand out by delivering exceptional service and superior craftsmanship on every project. To ensure a seamless and satisfying experience, we follow a structured 3-step process:


Hassle-Free Consultation

Within 24 hours of your estimate request, we'll contact you to schedule a no-obligation consultation at your convenience. During this meeting, our experts will carefully discuss the details of your project, answer any questions you have, and provide a detailed, transparent estimate. We're committed to full transparency, so you'll know exactly what to expect—no surprises.


Flawless Execution

After you approve our estimate, our team springs into action. Our professional painters will arrive on schedule and begin with thorough preparation of your space. This includes protecting your property, cleaning, patching, and priming the surfaces to be painted. We then execute the painting with precision and care, ensuring every detail is perfect. Our work isn’t complete until it meets our high standards and comes with a 2-year satisfaction guarantee.


Impeccable Clean-Up & Final Inspection

We believe in leaving your premises cleaner than we found it. After painting, we'll meticulously restore any moved fixtures and clear all debris. We also conduct a detailed walkthrough with you to ensure your total satisfaction before we consider the job done. Our goal is to transform your space while earning your trust and recommendation through our dedication to your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What types of commercial properties does Paint It OKC service?
Paint It OKC services a wide range of commercial properties, including office buildings, retail spaces, industrial sites, apartment complexes, and more. No matter the size or type of your commercial space, we have the expertise to handle your painting needs.
How do you ensure minimal disruption to my business during the painting process?
We prioritize efficient and timely service to minimize disruptions. Our team can schedule painting during off-hours, weekends, or in phases to ensure your business operations can continue smoothly without significant interruptions.
Can Paint It OKC help with color selection for my commercial space?
Absolutely! We offer personalized consultation services to help you select the perfect colors for your space. Our experts can assist with color matching and recommendations to ensure the final result aligns with your brand’s identity and aesthetic goals.
What kind of maintenance painting services do you offer?
We provide regular maintenance painting services that can include touch-ups and full repainting, depending on your needs. These services help maintain the aesthetic quality of your space and protect it from wear and tear.
How long does a typical commercial painting project take to complete?
The duration of a painting project can vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. We will provide a detailed timeline during our initial consultation and estimate, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the project scope and timeframe.
Is there a warranty or satisfaction guarantee with your services?
Yes, we offer a 2-year satisfaction guarantee on all our painting services. We stand behind the quality of our work and are committed to ensuring complete satisfaction with the finished product.

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