Garage Rehab: Organize Your Garage Space

OKC Paint It Garage Floor PaintIf you’re like most Oklahoma City homeowners, your garage has probably seen better days. Over time, a typical garage tends to become a cluttered eyesore that detracts from the aesthetic appeal and utility of a home. If you’d like to make your garage more functional and look like new, have Paint It evaluate your situation and let us help you find the right level of Garage Rehab. We will turn your dirty garage into a fresh organized work space, worthy of storing your prized possessions.

Prep The Garage Area

To get started, you will need to clean the area before we arrive. You may need to go through your space and determine if there is anything you can relocate to the attic to help reduce clutter.


Paint The Garage Walls

For a complete makeover, we will first tackle the walls as a part of your garage rehab. Whether your garage walls are concrete, brick, drywall or even unfinished framework, we will apply top-of-the line Sherwin Williams paint products to make them look new again. Our goal is to help create an attractive look for your garage walls with a quality paint that will be able to withstand the rugged use a garage often endures. Sherwin Williams Paints, used by the experts at Paint It, will last longer and they will produce a brighter, cleaner and more consistent appearance.


Epoxy Paint The Floor

Applying a special epoxy garage floor coating to your garage floor will deliver a homeowner multiple benefits. Epoxy paint coatings incorporate resins that undergo chemical reactions to produce stronger bonding, for a harder, more durable and longer lasting garage floor finish. The new finish will also reflect more light than your old concrete, which will make your space look cleaner and larger. The process begins by determining if we need to degrease any spots. Next, we wash the floor to remove any contaminates. We then prepare it for muriatic acid etching. The acid etching procedure creates the proper profile for your epoxy garage floor coating to adhere to. Paint It will apply 2-3 coats of epoxy paint as standard procedure, in order to get to the right look and protection. Epoxy painting your garage floors will help you keep a cleaner space for many years.


The Ultimate Garage Rehab

Once we are finished, you may find that having a clean and organized garage space just might be what you needed to inspire you to start a new project or hobby. To add something special to your new cleaned up garage, consider adding something unique to your space. For instance, if you like gardening, you might install a plant-potting work station to make transplanting perennials easier. If you are interested in TIG or MIG welding, you might install a 240-volt electrical outlet.

At Paint It our expert paint consultants want to help you get the most enjoyment from your home. Paint It is your OKC Metro professional painter, committed to delivering quality painting service performance, and utilizing top quality Sherwin Williams paint products. Our quality managers offer free paint estimates and advice for adding color to any interior or exterior space around your home. Paint It specializes in interior and exterior house painting, fence staining, deck staining, door painting or staining and interior cabinet painting jobs. Call us for a FREE consultation today.

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