Garage Rehab: Organize Your Garage Space

If you’re like most Oklahoma City homeowners, your garage has probably seen better days. Over time, a typical garage tends to become a cluttered eyesore that detracts from the aesthetic appeal and utility of a home. If you’d like to make your garage more functional and look like new, have Paint It out to turn your dirty garage into an organized work space for projects or extra storage.

Prep The Garage Area

To get started, go ahead and clean the area up before we arrive. We need to be able to access the entire floor surface in the garage. You will also want to go through your space and determine if there is anything you are ready to let go of and put out for the trash pick-up. You might find some seasonal items that could be stored in the attic to help free up the garage space.

Paint The Garage Walls

We will first tackle the walls as a part of your garage rehab. Whether your garage walls are concrete, brick or drywall, Sherwin Williams Super PaintPaint It OKC is the painting company Norman, OK loves. products will transform the look of your garage as this product line offers better protection and durability for tough to maintain areas like a garage.

Epoxy Paint The Floor

Epoxy painting your floors will help you keep a cleaner space for years to come. Our process begins by determining if we need to degrease any spots. Next we wash the floor to remove the contaminates and then you are ready to for the muriatic acid etch on the flooring. This will create the proper profile for your paint coating to adhere. After your garage flooring is properly prepared, our expert painters at Paint It will apply 2-3 coats of epoxy paint as needed to get to the right look and protection.

Bring In Organizational Hardware

No matter how large your garage may be, implementing a practical organization scheme for your tools and stored belongings will make life easier in the long run. While Paint It doesn’t provide organization systems, we know some great businesses in OKC we can refer that can install complete systems to organize your space. If nothing else, we suggest you head to Home Depot or Lowe’s to check out shelf racks, cabinets you can mount, or even plastic tubs. This will provide a nice way to see your contents while keeping your belongings out of the way and organized.

Install Something Unique

Personalizing your garage with custom accessories is the key to getting the most utility out of your personal space. For instance, homeowners with gardens could install a plant-potting work station to make transplanting perennials less messy. Those interested in TIG or MIG welding might install a 240-volt electrical outlet. Tools like air compressors and shop vacuums are useful additions to garages of all sizes.

The Ultimate Garage Rehab

Once you are finished, we think you’ll find the effort will be well worth the reward. You will notice your garage is more spacious than you remembered and a clean and organized space just might inspire you to start a new project or hobby.

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