Paint It OKC showing a customers exterior house painting project.

Searching For The Best Painter Near Me

For most homeowners, trying to find a good Sherwin Williams housepainter can be boiled down to two issues—quality and location—that are often expressed in four simple words: “Best housepainter near me.”  Locating a housepainter is an important, long term decision. That’s why it’s best for homeowners to know what they’ll need in an exterior housepainter.

Are They Close?

Based on Google searches, most homeowners consider the housepainter’s proximity to their home to be an important factor in their decision. But should it be? When you’re looking for, say, a plumber, time is of the essence (an overflowing toilet doesn’t care what it says on Yelp!). With an exterior paint project, you can afford to take your time. How close a housepainter is to your home should only be a factor if the painter charges for time in transit. Paint It OKC charges by the job regardless of how much time is spent in transit. Whether you’re in Norman or Edmond, Mustang or Midwest City, if you’re in our trade area, you’ll be charged the same flat rate for each job.

A Matter of Trust

The best painting company Norman has to offer is Paint It OKC!

When you hire a housepainter, you’re inviting a stranger into your home. It’s not the time to worry about the security of your valuables and your children. Paint It OKC holds all its housepainters to the highest standards of character and professionalism. If we can trust them to work for us, you can trust them in your home.

Accidents Happen

We all know that house painting can be a dirty business. What’s not so well known is that it can be a dangerous one as well, particularly when it comes to multi-story homes. Not all house painting companies are insured against on-the-job injuries. What happens if a housepainter injures himself in your home? Unless, the housepainter is fully insured with up-to-date insurance, you as a homeowner could be liable. Paint It OKC’s housepainters are all covered with current and comprehensive policies.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Will your exterior be thoroughly cleaned by an exterior housepainter—including removal of mold or mildew if necessary—by power washing or by hand? Will they advise of any moisture-related considerations prior to paint application? Will all areas beneath and around the surfaces to be painted be covered, and light fixtures, door handles and trim protected? Will the housepainter carefully inspect for wood rot, water or insect damage, the surface will be prepared by an experienced exterior painter (scraped, caulked and sealed as needed to create a moisture barrier and uniform surface). Will all surfaces receive a high-quality paint which will leave a uniform and lasting finish? With Paint It OKC, all these answers are a resounding “Yes!” Contact us today to schedule a quote.

Contact Paint It OKC and let’s get started on your exterior painting project. Paint It OKC, is an OKC painting company that specializes in interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, paint color selection, power washing and fence/deck staining. Call us today at (405) 317-7788 for a FREE home consultation and estimate.

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