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Living Room Rehab: Paint The Change In Your Home

The living room is an area of the home where the family can gather to talk about the events of the day. It’s a place where you can relax after work and where you can celebrate the joyous occasions in life, such as a holiday or the arrival of a new baby. The living room is somewhat of a catch-all room for all the emotions and occasions in life. It should be a space that is warm an inviting. Aside from changing the decorations on the side tables or on the coffee table throughout the year, you can work on a living room rehab project that will change everything about the room from top to bottom.

Getting Creative

When it comes to painting your living room, the paint pros at Paint It suggest you celebrate National Painting Week by beginning your living room rehab project. This is a time when you can cut loose and celebrate the new colors that the spring season has to offer while focusing on the personality of the living room. The holiday week takes place from May 22 to May 31, 2017. During the OKC Living Room For Interior Paintintweek, you can find your favorite color that will showcase the life and the joy that the family has in the home at Sherwin Williams.  Lighter colors, such as beige or ivory, work well in a living room. They allow the room to appear larger than it is compared to darker colors tending to make the room seem enclosed. Lighter colors also offer a way for you to add any decorations on the wall and almost any color on the furniture if you want to re-upholster the couch or the chairs.


Rehab Color Selection

One of the challenges when you’re working on a living room rehab project is that you might not know how to select the colors to use in the room. The first thing a Paint It consultant will tell customers you should do when you begin your living room Paint It is an OKC house painter that is giving some interior painting tips.painting is to look at the largest pattern that is in the space. Highlight that pattern or design with a color on the wall. An example would be a nautical theme. You might have blues, hues of gold and white for the decorations and furnishings. Capture the primary color from the largest pieces in the paint on the wall. Use a color wheel to see which colors complement each other the best. When you begin decorating and re-upholstering furniture, consider contrasting cool and warm shades as they will create a balance in the living room, making it easier to finish the project.


Get The Right Help

The expert interior painters at Paint It are ready to help you jump start your living room rehab project in honor of National Painting Week. You will appreciate our color samples for inspiration and we offer free estimates and guidance for all your home painting needs. Call us today at 405.317.7788 and let’s bring your project to color and life!

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