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Should I Choose Paint or Stain for My Deck or Fence?

The exterior of your home includes elements which will attract a visitor’s attention as they arrive at your property. Aside from the front door, they will notice the fencing and decking that line the home’s perimeter. Over time, these areas can begin to show their age. Without regular upkeep, these areas may negatively impact your home’s overall appearance. A new finish can make your fence or deck look like new again, but what process should you choose? If you find yourself in this situation, call Paint It. We are coatings experts, and we will provide you with the best options available to improve the appearance of your fence or decking.

Grain and Texture Staining

Grain lines and texture are usually part of the visual beauty of any wood product. To bring out the grain and texture, consider semi-transparent stains. You can add tinting colors which add slight coloring to the wood without covering up the grain lines and textures. Deck and fence staining basically enhance nature’s design that positively reflects on your home.

The Opaque Stain

As an alternative, consider fence or deck staining with increased color. For deeper, more concealing color, choose an opaque stain. These products cover the wood grain with a higher concentration of additives, and will mask more of the woods natural appearance. From an up-close view, you’ll still be able to see the wood grain. It’s simply not an obvious detail from afar.

Painting Exterior Elements

A fence staining project just completed by Paint It OKC in Oklahoma City.Although you’ve loved the rustic look of your semi-transparent deck staining, maybe it’s time for a change. Old wood or areas that have been refinished many times can benefit from the concealing properties painting offers. A coat of exterior paint can easily improve your weathered fence or decking or even make them look new again. White, gray and many neutral colors are favorites, but painting a fence or decking enables a homeowner to be creative with any color they desire.

Some things to consider when choosing a coating:

 Deck and fence products vary by their main ingredients, including oil-based or water-based products. An oil-based or water-based product may be chosen for different reasons, like drying times, fumes, or applications over existing coatings. A Paint It professional can further educate you on the differences between oil and water-based coatings, and help you get the best product for your application.

Oil-Based Applications

 For some professionals, oil-based products are their favorite because they overlap and penetrate exterior materials with ease. Distressed wood, for example, matches perfectly with oil-based products. Be aware that oil based stains penetrate the wood and are affected by UV exposure. Oil based stains may require re-applications over shorter time periods than an exterior paint.

Water-Based Perks

When you’re looking for a fence painting product that stands the test of time, most professionals point out the virtues of water-based paints. The ingredients tend to flex more under extreme conditions instead of cracking or peeling. If you’re going to stain a surface that has previously been painted or stained with an oil-based product, then a water-based product will better adhere to the surface to be covered. A Paint It professional can discuss these options with you during an initial evaluation.

Contact Paint It OKC and let’s get started on your exterior painting project. Paint It OKC, is an OKC painting company that specializes in interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, paint color selection, power washing and fence/deck staining. Call us today at (405) 317-7788 for a FREE home consultation and estimate.



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