OKC exterior painter working on a house painting project.

Tips For Exterior Painting In OKC

Paint It is the best exterior painting company in OKC. Our team has completed thousands of projects, so you can count on us to be a professional exterior painter. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about exterior painting, and on today’s blog, we’re sharing what we’ve learned with you.

  • Timing

Think ahead before picking a date to paint. When selecting a date for your exterior painting project, it’s important to pick a time of year that is known for dry weather with low chances of rain or intense humidity. Think ahead and plan accordingly because paint will not stick to wet surfaces. According to rssweather.com, January is the driest month for painting in Oklahoma City.

  • Materials

OKC painters doing some exterior painting on a building.
These two Paint It painters in OKC are taking care of some finishing details for a client.

At Paint It OKC, we’re proud to carry Sherwin Williams paints. Every heard the term, “You get what you pay for,”? This is especially true when it comes to paints used for exterior painting projects. You may think you’re saving money by hiring exterior painters who charge the least for their services. Most of the so called economy painters will use the cheapest products available. There are many of these painters in OKC, and they will actually end up costing you more money re-painting as time goes on. Higher quality paint like Sherwin Williams lasts longer in the elements and it creates better coverage.

  • Prep Work

If your home or business has siding that is dirty, chipping or rough, you can’t skip the prep work needed for your exterior painting project. We’ve got you covered. Our exterior painting team will clean the entire surface you want painted. We’ll remove mold, mildew, peeling paint or dirt with a professional-grade power washing. Then we’ll cover your ground, plants or bushes below. We always cover any outdoor furniture, grills, accessories or valuable property in the immediate area we are painting. Your door handles, light fixtures and trim will be protected as well.

  • Add Texture

When painting surfaces that will often be walked on, like porches or steps, leaving them with only paint for the surface can cause them to become slick. It’s important that you ask your exterior painter to include some kind of texture in your paint. Paint manufacturers produce sand-like additives that provide extra texture for walking surfaces, and Paint It can get this for you.

  • Save Paint

When finished painting, all of the left-over paint will be labeled by our exterior painting team, and it will be left behind for any touch ups you may need in the future.

Paint It OKC, is an OKC painting company that specializes in interior painting, exterior painting, commercial painting, paint color selection, power washing and fence/deck staining. Call us at (405) 317-7788 today to get an estimate or schedule a free consultation here.

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