A Paint It OKC Painter is finishing a wood staining for an OKC house painting project.

Wooden Accents in the Home

Wooden accents are a great addition to your home to invigorate and add character to your home or office. No matter what types of wooden accents are used, including them in your project will enhance the space. This is because wood not only looks great with high quality stain or paint, but also helps to convey a sense of hospitality and warmth within the home. Some of the most popular wooden accents Paint It OKC works on are wooden doors, wooden walls and wooden ceilings.


  • Wooden Doors

Wooden doors are extremely versatile as they may be painted or stained. An extremely popular type of door right now are barn doors for large and spacious rooms. Our expert consultants help home owners choose the right stain or paint for wooden doors depending on the type of aesthetic design you desire. When painted or stained correctly, wooden doors are the final high end touch that transforms a home from nice to luxurious.


  • Wooden Accent Walls

When a room is feeling monotonous or rather boring, wooden accent walls—either painted or stained—may be the perfect addition to make the space more interesting. This is because wooden accent walls help emphasize some of your home’s best architecture while also ushering in warmth, depth and sophistication. The interior painters at Paint It OKC have noticed that most people with white or off white rooms like to incorporate wooden accent walls for an extra touch of character.


  • Wooden Ceilings

Wooden ceilings may help bring about a rustic or country feel within a home. Like wooden accent walls, wooden ceilings help break up a room’s monotony. This happens through introducing a different texture to the room, making it feel more cozy. Another option, slatted wood ceilings help to convey a more modern feel within a home. No matter what style of wood ceiling you incorporate in your home, you can be certain the space will be much more unique and beautiful after it is installed.

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