A guide to selecting interior paint colors.

Selecting Interior Paint Colors

If you are considering remodeling your home, you may be stumped when it comes to selecting interior paint colors. The options are endless, from different paint brands, to different colors and hues. Where do you begin?

Quality Begins at the Brand

When it comes to ensuring that your painting project looks professional and lasts throughout the years, the quality of the finished product begins with the paint brand. Because of this, we only use the Sherwin-Williams line of interior paints.

Coupled with the professionalism of the Paint It OKC team, Sherwin-Williams interior paints will complement your home and improve the home’s overall look.

Selecting the Right Colors

When selecting colors for your home, you may want to consider resale value. Many of our clients live in homes that might not be the last home they ever purchase. There may be situations that would necessitate the need to relocate,
especially if they have a young family outgrowing the space.

Selecting interior paint colors to improve the overall resale value of your home is a smart thing to do. Especially when you select colors that improve the overall resale value of your home, are on-trend, or are universally appealing. You will not have to sacrifice good taste in order to get a desirable look to your home and increase its market value.

According to home-design site Zillow Digs, the colors you choose in the rooms of your home can both positively and negatively affect the resale value of your property. According to their research, the right color selection can add as much as $1,300 to property value.

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So what colors are both on-trend and will increase home value? Zillow Digs determined “homes with yellow kitchens, often in hues of creamy or wheat yellow, yielded the highest sale premium.” In addition to this, light grays and greens in bedrooms and living rooms also increased resale prices, while egg-shell and white colored kitchens negatively affect  final resale prices.

We can help you choose the colors to paint your home. Give Paint It OKC a call. We will bring your ideas to life.

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