Deck Staining in OKC is a specialty at Paint It OKC.

Wood Trim, Fence and Deck Staining in OKC

Now that spring is near, we have been working on a higher volume of home improvement projects. Most of these projects are house painting related, but we’ve also been getting a lot of requests for wood staining; particularly for fences, decks, baseboard trim, and exposed beams. Paint It is known for interior painting and exterior painting in OKC, but we also have the expertise to work on many other projects too, which is why today’s blog is dedicated to wood staining.


  • Fence Staining

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to get your fence stained (see what we did there), we suggest you call us! Fresh fence staining will help prevent rotting, splitting, and may even increase your home’s value! Staining wood fences is a process, but we make it as streamlined as possible for you at Paint It. Before we begin fence staining, a Paint It project manager will help customers first select the right stain material and color. The fence gets power washed, which cleans off any dirt, grime, mold or mildew. Next, we’ll stain and seal the fence before a project manager gives a final walk through inspection to address any concerns.


  • Deck Staining
A Paint It -Painter in OKC putting the finishing touches on some interior trim.
A Paint It -Painter in OKC putting the finishing touches on some interior trim.

Pool season is just a few months away, and there’s no better way to give your pool area an upgrade than by giving your deck a fresh, new look with a high-quality deck staining. Plus, regular deck staining helps protect the surface from sun and water damage, which is something pool owners should keep in mind. Paint It will walk the customer through the process of deck staining, which is the same process for staining fences mentioned above.


  •  Baseboard Trim Staining

Depending on the color of the stain chosen and the type of trim used, a home can be perceived as traditional, rustic, bold or edgy. Come to us with a vision for your home’s baseboard trim, and one of Paint It’s dedicated project managers will guide you through the entire project. We will start with stain material and color selection. There are a lot of variables that go into choosing stain, and there are many finishes and colors available. Paint It is a stain expert, and we will help you find the right color and type of stain for your home.


  • Staining Exposed Beams

Staining the exposed support beams can give your home a finished look that it may have been lacking. There are many wood beam styles used in modern construction, and keeping them stained keeps them looking good while protecting them from deterioration.

Get in touch with us today, we’ll get the ball rolling on your next OKC staining project! Paint It OKC is Oklahoma City’s best painting and staining company. We specialize in house painting, commercial painting, staining and power washing. Our services include exterior painting, interior painting, fence staining, deck staining, paint color selection and power washing. Call us today at (405) 317-7788 for a FREE home consultation and get a FREE estimate.

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