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Interior Painting And Four Popular Specialty Finishes

Ever feel like you need a change from the usual, flat, dull, or glossy paint sheens you see every day? Now, may be the time for you to look into specialty finishes for interior painting that will give your home a new look.

Faux finish is a term used to describe many decorative painting techniques that replicate the appearance of marble, wood, stone, and other materials. This term has also expanded to describe decorative finishes of varying textures and surfaces.

#1 Old World Finishes

Old World styles of specialty finishes are inspired by plastering techniques once used in ancient Rome. These finishes are all about conveying a classy feel with a sense of history and rustic charm. Old World finishes utilize a fresco (a painted picture or design) and the have 3 distinct sub styles: textured, smooth, and high polish. A textured fresco produces the characteristics of aged and weathered plaster walls. This heightens the sense of history that this specialty finish conveys and looks great in foyers and bathrooms. The smooth fresco has a soft, earthy texture that gives a comfortable and casual vibe. This fresco is excellent for enhancing living and dining rooms. Finally, the high polish fresco, a marble-like, smooth, and glossy sheen is great for creating a classic upscale environment.

A completed interior painting job in Oklahoma City completed by Paint It OKC.#2 Metallic Finishes

While Old World finishes may allude to ancient history, Metallic finishes have a subtly dramatic air about them that hint to a more modern age. According to Sherwin-Williams Paints, these sleek and shimmery sheens are great for rooms you wish to entertain in. These finishes are perfect for dressing up a space and make for great accent walls. The effects on a room vary based on the different textures as well. If you opt for a smooth metallic sheen, you will gain a larger sense of refined luxury, while more texture adds dimension and makes for a sense of drama.

#3 Quartz Stone Finishes

Inspired by beautiful, earthly stones, Quartz Stone finishes offer a pleasant visual and tactile quality. These finishes have a different, crystal quality that imitates the twinkling of rock minerals found in sedimentary outcroppings. These specialty finishes have a subtle and refined twinkle that, according to the aforementioned Sherwin-Williams, are perfect for master suites, entry halls, and guest bedrooms.

#4 Artisan Finishes

Artisan finishes allow painters to express their creative, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted touch. Using various materials such as a sponge, plastic bag, leaves, and tissue paper, a painter will press into the paint and create a textured pattern with a visually pleasing appearance. Artisan finishes range anywhere from decorative and natural, to elegant and sophisticated. These finishes make great accent walls and are fantastic in bedrooms and bathrooms.

If any of these interior painting faux finishes appeal to you – call the painting professionals at Paint It OKC, and let us help you choose a new look for your home.

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