A Paint It OKC house painter is doing some touch up painting for an interior painting client.

Should I Hire A Painter Or DIY?

Most homeowners think painting is something they can easily do themselves.  This is understandable since painting, unlike plumbing or electrical work, is something almost everyone has at least a little bit of experience with.  It’s a logical question, then, for any homeowner looking to renovate, remodel, or redecorate a room, exterior, or even an entire house: hire a professional painter or DIY?



In terms of dollar and cents savings, DIY gets the advantage.  When doing it yourself, the only significant expense you’re likely to incur comes in the way of supplies (primer, paint, brushes, tape, drop cloths, etc.)  If you have more time than money, then doing the painting yourself might be the way to go.  You just better ensure that you have a whole lot of time, because….

DIY Painting Is a Huge Time Investment

Consider a 2500 square foot house requiring the painting of interior walls.  A professional painter can typically complete such a job in under a week.  For an amateur working nights and weekends, a project of this magnitude will likely take at least two to three months to complete.  So when you consider the investment in time, it’s also important to consider the opportunity cost of all the activities that will have to be sacrificed for such an extensive period of time.  This is to say nothing of the inconvenience of having your home in a state of disrepair for an entire spring.  For DIY to be worth your while, you need not only ample time, but also a calendar free of obligations.


House painting might look easy, however, it can actually be a dangerous activity for those who don’t know what they’re doing.  This is especially true if you are dealing with high ceilings or second-story exteriors. Painting from a ladder requires balance, concentration, and flexibility.  Otherwise you’re at risk for broken bones, concussion, or worse.  A professional painter will have the skills and expertise to ensure their safety.  And if an accident should happen, a professional painter will be insured to cover any damage.

Expertise and Quality

This painter is attending to details and Paint It OKC is the best OKC house painting company.

The most important part of any paint job is the part any reputable painter can guarantee.  Their expertise can ensure that the difficult parts of any job can be done with relative ease.  Things like high spots, tight corners, and sanding surfaces can drive an amateur painter insane.  For a professional they are second nature.  Professional painters can guarantee clean lines and multiple coats are standard operating procedure.  A professional painter knows how to avoid splashes, drips, and bubbling in order to make your home look every bit as good as it deserves to.

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