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Commercial Space Redesign Tips

Deciding to freshen up your place of work may be a daunting task at first. Determining which style to go for, which furniture to purchase and what colors to paint your walls can feel overwhelming. At Paint It OKC we understand the intricacies that go into these commercial remodels, and we would like to share our experiences to better prepare you for the work ahead.

Take Inspiration from Others

One of the best things you can do is peruse through the internet and design magazines to find inspiration for your space. By seeing what others have done, and how they have combined pieces of furniture with other elements of design, you can narrow down exactly what style elements you like and which ones you don’t. This is especially true when deciding what commercial painting colors you would like to use in your space.

At Paint It OKC we only use the finest quality paints for our OKC commercial painting projects. We exclusively paint with Sherwin-Williams whose line of high performance commercial paints are the best in the business. Not only are the colors rich and vibrant, but the quality of the paint ensures longevity and a brilliant finished product.

Get CreativeCommercial Remodel

Redesigning commercial spaces is one of our favorite projects to work on. It’s especially true because the colors and style you choose for your space will shape the environment and work style of your business.

Getting creative with your colors and design elements can add a pop of fun to the workplace. Adding accents walls, painting the ceiling a vibrant color and even painting the exterior of your business a fun color can make you stand out and look modern and edgy.

But if it’s not edginess you’re looking for, but rather classic and traditional, the colors in your space can evoke this feeling as well. Choosing warmer colors—such as a dark navy or various shades of brown – can cozy up the space. It can make the space appear more professional, upscale, and put together.

Whichever style you end up choosing, Paint It OKC can help turn your inspiration into reality. We deliver quality service and outstanding finished products, and are among the top OKC commercial painting companies in the area.

Paint It OKC is Oklahoma City’s best painting and staining company. We specialize in residential painting, commercial painting, staining and power washing. Our services include; exterior painting, interior painting, fence staining, paint color selection and power washing. Call us today at (405) 317-7788 for a FREE home consultation and FREE estimate.

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